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Walk of witness 2016

Walk of Witness 2016

A few of us from WVCF had the privilege of joining with Dorset Christian Fellowship, and sending them off with a cheer on the first day of their two day Walk of Prayer and Witness 2016.

WWalk of witness 2016e spent the first 20 or 30 minutes walking through Dorchester town center, singing and carrying a large wooden cross. We then walked with them out of the town until we reached a footpath, where we parted and set, a small group who took on the cross carrying, on their way as they headed out towards Wool via Winfrith Newburgh. The route is about 7 km each day.

As they walk Dorset Christian Fellowship, hope to raise money to restore the sight of 144 people. Christian Blind Mission is a major overseas disability charity that can restore sight to people with cataracts for £24 for an adult and £95 for a child (more expensive because they require anaesthetic). They seek to raise a total of £4,320.

It was a great privilege, even if the day was cold, to be able to send them on their way and to be able to help them toward their goal of seeing sight restored to many people.