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35th Anniversary Celebrations

Creation Resources Trust 35th Anniversary Celebrations Saturday 21st May 2016 The Davis Hall, Howell Hill, West Camel, Yeovil, BA22 7QX 4. 30pm Worship and reports 5:30pm Buffet Tea 6:30pm “Has Science Killed Christianity?” Illustrated talk by Professor Taylor (B.Sc, ACGI, MEng is a senior lecturer in electrical engineering and electrosnsics at the University of Liverpool. He…

Creation Conference

Creation Seminar

A great time was had by the small group that went to the creation seminar in Saltford, near Bristol. The speakers and subjects were amazing and all who went felt it was a worthwhile trip. Dr. Terry Mortenson (Historian of Geology, Theologian, Speaker, Author, Researcher and staff member AiG USA), spoke on ‘Creation vs. Evolution’ and Why…