Bringing the Good News to Wriggle Valley.

Wriggle Valley School of Biblical Theology…Starting May 7th!

Wow! What can Theology possible have to do with me?

Surely it is rather obscure and really for an elite few?

Far from it!

The Wriggle Valley School of Biblical Theology is intended to be down-to-earth and practical, helping us all see that:

  • Theology is truth about God
  • Truth is important in every area of life
  • What you believe about the world really does matter
  • And that YOU can know the truth about God, Life, Death,and all the big questions.

We hope to make each course practical and relevant, inviting you to dive deeper into the things of God. Do please come and join with us and find out how God can speak into your life in powerful and helpful ways.

We start May 7th 2016 with “God in Ephesians”.

God in Ephesians Listen here