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Do you love music?

Do you wish there was a place where you could listen to virtually any style of good Christian music, 24 hours a day… FREE?

Prazor is going to be so much more, but for now it is a little bit like Pandora, but for good holsum Christian music. PRAZOR launches this week with 48 specific genres of Christian music. Each of these music channels have been carefully curated for Christian content and musical style. Categories of music include Pop, Country, Urban, Rock, Inspirational and World formats. Within each category are multiple channels designed to meet the particular taste of any music fan, and is designed to be shared with family and friends. The goal for the platform is to have a minimum of 100 channels of content by the end of 2016. There are even a few channels that have a carefully chosen mix of Christian and non-christian music, that has been chosen to have clean lyrics.

In time there will also be areas for on-demand audio and video content. Under ‘Teaching’, users will find categories for Church, Bible Study, and Missions, as well as categories specifically created for Men, Women, Youth & Children, and Marriage & Family. More categories are under development as user demand increases. Under the category grouping for ‘Talk’, there is to be content under categories such as Current Events, Prophecy, Financial, and Education. But that is still to be filled out.

For now, download the Prazor app or go to the Prazor web site and enjoy the 48n channels of free music.

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