Bringing the Good News to Wriggle Valley.
Derek Drapper

Derek Drapper

Derek was trained at the London Bible College in it’s early years (1951-1954) under Principal Doctor (then Mr) Ernest Kevan where he obtained the College Diploma in Religious Knowledge.

He has at various times pastored Cleeve Hill Church, Bishop’s Cleeve Free Church, Keynsham Evangelical Church, Saltford Evangelical Church, Highway Evangelical Church (Stratford, East London), and Bankhall Mission Church (Bootle, Liverpool).

Each of these Churches was blessed with a work among children and young people, and Derek developed a gift for evangelism as well as teaching.
In retirement he has spent many years itinerating and preaching/teaching in churches mainly in Dorset and Hampshire. He has a ministry of encouragement and prayer as well as preaching.

In 2013, aged 83, he was miraculously healed of Cancer by laying on of a Pastor’s hands and prayer, and was given a word from the Lord;

“You are my servant, I have chosen you, you are to live fearlessly”!

Oh dear, what a challenge. He has a desire to live out his life preaching, teaching and “Assisting” churches wherever he is needed.