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Andrew Drapper

Andrew Drapper

Andrew Drapper was born into the home of a Pastor and lived his childhood under the theological teaching of his father, Derek Drapper. In 1986 he attended Moorlands Bible College for 2 years, then moved into full-time Christian service himself. Andrew has been the Pastor of both an inner city Birmingham church and a small rural church in Essex. He was the lead evangelist in an outreach ‘Bus Project,’ and in 2000, (in association with Ray Comfort and Living Waters Ministry), he became a full-time itinerant teacher, training churches, across the UK and in France, in practical evangelism and outreach.

Andrew has a strong passion for the Bible and a keen interest in apologetics. He teaches on the trustworthiness of the Creation and the Flood as recorded in the early chapters of Genesis.

Andrew has been married to Ruth for over 30 years and they have eleven children, (7 sons and 4 daughters), whom they have always home educated.

Andrew is concerned that much of the church, in England, has turned away from a full and confident reliance on the Bible as the inerrant word of God, and believes that we need to return to the Bible as our foundation for all we teach and believe.