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Creation Conference

Creation Seminar

Creation Seminar 1
Prof. Stuart Burgess, with the bicycle chain that he has been designing for the British Olympic Team.

A great time was had by the small group that went to the creation seminar in Saltford, near Bristol.

The speakers and subjects were amazing and all who went felt it was a worthwhile trip.

Dr. Terry Mortenson (Historian of Geology, Theologian, Speaker, Author, Researcher and staff member AiG USA), spoke on ‘Creation vs. Evolution’ and Why It Matters. Addressing the importance of Creation as the foundation for the Gospel and for our society’s morality. He also addressed how we have seen a decline in our national moral standards coinciding with society’s rejection of creation and acceptance of evolution.

Then in a later session Dr. Mortenson looked at Ape-Men, Adam and the Gospel, and showed how so many of the so called ancestors to modern man are actually hoaxes, fraudulent, a mistake of just… well modern man.

Creation Seminar 3
Prof. Stuart Burgess with Mark and David.

Prof. Stuart Burgess (Professor of Engineering Design at the University of Bristol and Industrial collaborator: British Olympic Cycling Team), Addressed Evidence for a Worldwide Flood, looking at how his expertise in material design helps him to see the evidence for God in the record of the Flood, and the design of the Ark.

Simon Turpin (AiG UK),  talked about Jesus under the heading of ‘Behold Your Creator!’ Showing that Jesus believed in creation and many of the Old Testament characters, and that he was either a liar or was God and creator of all things.

The day was finished off with fish and chips on the way home.