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Posts from May 2016

Wriggle Valley School of Biblical Theology

Postponed – God in Ephesians – Study 3

Due to unexpected events cropping up, The Wriggle Valley School of Biblical Theology teaching on, ‘God in Ephesians – Study 3’, that was to be held on the 4th June 2016 is now being pushed back two week until the 18th. Normal service should then resume…. Hopefully!

The seven I AM sayings of Jesus

Starting in a few weeks time will be a new sermon series on the Seven I AM statements of Jesus. I am the Bread of Life I am the Light of the World I am the Door of the Sheep I am the Good Shepherd I am the Resurrection and the Life I am the…

1 Kings 17

Derek Drapper will be starting a short series on the 29th May 2016 It will be an exposition of 1 Kings 17 Sun 29 May 2016 1 Kings 17 v 1-6 – The man from nowhere. Country yokel v The king Prophet + Prayer = Power Sun 5 June 2016 1 Kings 17 v 7-16…

Wriggle Valley School of Biblical Theology

Wriggle Valley School of Biblical Theology.

Today was the first study of our new Bible studies at Wriggle Valley Christian Fellowship. We are calling the Bible studies, ‘The Wriggle Valley School of Biblical Theology’. The new building that we are meeting in, (Leigh Village Hall), was just brilliant, providing a lovely venue for us to meet in. Derek Drapper apologised for not…

35th Anniversary Celebrations

Creation Resources Trust 35th Anniversary Celebrations Saturday 21st May 2016 The Davis Hall, Howell Hill, West Camel, Yeovil, BA22 7QX 4. 30pm Worship and reports 5:30pm Buffet Tea 6:30pm “Has Science Killed Christianity?” Illustrated talk by Professor Taylor (B.Sc, ACGI, MEng is a senior lecturer in electrical engineering and electrosnsics at the University of Liverpool. He…